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As a Venture Capital company, you have the challenge of balancing many different aspects of your investment to ensure it will succeed. One false move and the whole system fails. With 90% of startups failing it's time to tip the scales back in your favor. How?

Balancing Stones

Who are we?

  • FP Complete: "Special Ops" software and DevOps Engineers
  • We help your companies get software to market faster
  • Our Passion: removing the barriers for software engineering teams
  • We speak engineers' language and have lived through their challenges
  • Performance - Time to Market - Cost Efficiency - Reliabity - Scalability - Best Practices

Typical Software Deployment Time Frequencies

Our goal is to guide your startup on how to build software that can be deployed as quickly as possible so that they can generate revenue fast and stay far ahead of the competition.

How fast can you deploy software?

We solve the engineer's dilemma of how to provide error free software that runs blazingly fast and is delivered in record breaking time

Engineers Dilemma

Let us ensure your startup optimizes their technology stack

Mitigate Risk

Your investment in your startup needs to succeed. We want to help you mitigate all the technical risks associated with your investment. Let us evaluate the IT requirements for your startup's success. We can provide the tools, expertise, and guidance your startup needs to be successful. We will help you invest proactively to avoid problems rather than reactively to solve problems.  

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Behind the Scene - Our CEO

Aaron Contorer

Aaron Contorer is a philanthropist and president of the Contorer Foundation. He is a former executive of Microsoft Corporation, where he helped to build Windows, MSN, Visual Studio, and the company's Productivity Tools Team, and founded the Microsoft Big Gift Club for new philanthropists. He also served as general manager of Visual C++, used daily by three million professional software developers worldwide. He architected MSN's move to Internet-based server software and later served as the full-time technology advisor to the CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

He is an inventor of several patented innovations in computer networking and security, with additional patents currently pending. One of the creators of the "shareware" software business model in the 1980s, he has been an in-house executive of four early-stage software companies, typically as CTO and Director. Long ago, he was one of the first programmers hired by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. Aaron is cofounder and a director of Equinox Center, a nonpartisan policy center, and a director of Move San Diego, a transportation advocacy coalition. He was named Environmental Leader of the Year by San Diego's Channel 10 News. In Seattle, Aaron helped to build the Kirkland Teen Union Building and served for eight years on the board of Sightline Institute.

Notable Companies

Facebook Logo
Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical

When you submit a post to Facebook, you can rest assured that some of the code that decides if the post is suitable or not is being processed by software code written by FP Complete software engineers. Only a daily basis engineers from Facebook, Apple, IBM, Intel, Oracle and many other high-tech companies visit FP Complete's web-site to get the lastest information on the power of functional programming and modern DevOps to accelerate their IT strategy.

We built an instantly scalable, 360 core virtual supercomputer in the Amazon cloud for our client's personalized cancer treatment medicine. Their analysis of the effect of their life-saving cancer treatment was taking weeks to compute until they called us. We turned weeks into minutes so cancer patients can get their results before it is too late. Our expertise in modern DevOps and open-source server software engineering made this possible. Company name can not be named publicly until they receive FDA approval.

When OTAS wanted to build a natural language reporting technology to highlight unusual stock activity, they turned to FP Complete to build what would eventually become Lingo. CEO Tom Doris said, "We chose Haskell and the FP Complete stack because we knew the complexity of the problem required a new approach. The result was that we built better software faster than ever, and delivered it defect-free into a production environment where it has proven robust and high-performance.”


Watch our CEO, Aaron Contorer, explain the advantages of modern Devops and how it will increase your ability to accelerate your IT to market strategy. 

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Top 20 Reasons Start-ups Fail*

20 – Failure to pivot when necessary

19 – Burn Out

18 – Do not use your connections or network

17 – Legal Challenges

16 – No Financing or Interested Investors

15 – Location, Location, Location

14 – Lack Passion and Domain Expertise

13 - Pivot Gone Bad

12 – Disharmony with Investors/Co-founders

11 – Lose Focus

10 – Release product at the wrong time

9 – Being inflexible and not actively using customer feedback

8 – Poor Marketing

7 – I got this product. Now I just need a business model.

6 – A “User Un-Friendly” Product

5 – Pricing/Cost Issues

4 – Get outcompeted

3 – Not the right team

2 – Ran out of cash

1 – Building a solution looking for a problem

Here's how FP Complete can help!

20 - Failure to Pivot to new technology: Many startups find themselves heavily invested in a software or hardware technology that ends up tying their hands. They become technically indebted to these choices or previous bias' and are stuck and slowly fail. Avoiding going into technical debt in the first place is the least costly way to avoid this catastrophe. At FP Complete we can guide your startups through the myriad of technology choices. By selecting the right platform, tools, and people, we can ensure the architecture matches the problem the startup is trying to solve. Even if the startup makes a bad technology choice, it is not the end of the world. We can quickly get them back on track with the right choice so they can move forward.

18 – Do not use your connections or network: When deciding on the technologies that will run your business it's important to talk to everyone you can in the industry. But who has that amount of time? Entrepreneurs make the common mistake thinking they can figure it out for themselves when all they really need to do is reach out. This is why 8% of startups fail. FP Complete has engineers spread all across the globe that your startups can leverage to expand their network to ensure the right technologies are put in place before it's too late.

15 – Location, Location, Location: Technology startups have an important decision to make when they start building their software product. Where will the software live? It's an old twist on the physical location problem to optimize buyer traffic. In the digital world that has been turned upside down. It may not make sense to immediately run to Amazon to build your product. That decision alone can become very expensive for no good reason. Architecting the software to live in the right environment during its evolution takes careful thought. FP Complete can help any startup decide upon the optimum architecture to serve their customer's needs and minimize the cost of delivery.  

10 – Release product at the wrong time: Technology startups always know what they want to build but have little idea on how to make it happen the right away. They often start by hiring developers who begin to churn out code in any way possible. This leads down a path where it becomes impossible to release software on any known schedule. What these companies lack is a proper DevOps process. Without DevOps, the whole development process is a random series of events. This means the product can't be launched when you need it. FP Complete uses a modern DevOps approach to ensure our startup can release their code at will. This will avoid the missed software release opportunities that cost money and lose customers.

9 – Being inflexible and not actively using customer feedback: Customer feedback is great but if you can't incorporate the fixes and features customers want when they ask for them they will find someone who can. With a proper DevOps process, customer feedback is incorporated into the software build process. This enables your startup to completely align with their customer's expectations. At FP Complete we operate with a BOT model. We show your startup how to Build a DevOps process, we Operate it with them and Transfer the ownership to them once they are ready to go on their own.

6 – A “User Un-Friendly” Product: Software developers often narrowly focus on that they think the product should do as opposed to seeking customer feedback. Customer feedback is the cornerstone of a proper software development process. This is a cultural shift in most organizations where developers are often not in the communication channel with the end users. FP Complete DevOps process will put the customer at every stage of the development process so software can be changed midstream to incorporate that the end user wants.

5 – Pricing/Cost Issues: Not all pricing issues are related to the technology that is used build and runs the underlying software. However, if the product is mostly software driven, making the right technology choices early and often can mean the difference between an expensive product or an affordable product. Something as simple as the decision to write code on an open source platform as opposed to a licensed platform can have a dramatic impact on the eventual price of the product. These are decisions that require input at every level of the organization to ensure the right pricing model can be achieved. FP Complete brings the expertise that is needed to ensure the technology that will run the software will be provided at the minimum amount of upfront and ongoing costs.

4 – Get out-competed: Once a startup's good idea hits the market the competition will not be far behind. When it comes to software products the company that moves the fastest, listens to their customer the most, and spends less money getting there usually wins. With 19% of startups failing as a result of being out-competed, this is not a trivial matter. Setting up a DevOps process that delivers software products that have better performance, more user-friendly, and cost the least to build and maintain. FP Complete will help guide your startup's development team to success.

3 – Not the right team: Since 23% of startups fail because the right team was not in place. This is no easy chore given all the decisions that need to be made when it comes to a startup. Who will be the developers, the project manager, and the CTO? All these people are critical in building the proper team. FP Complete draws upon talent all over the globe to assemble the best team possible for any development project. Our skill at managing projects to ensure they are delivered on time and on budget is one of the key advantages of getting us involved in your startup.

2 – Ran out of cash: It should come as no surprise that running out of cash constitutes 29% of the reason startups fail. This is just an outcome of all the other things that were done wrong. Spending money on technologies you later have to abandon, not getting the proper advice, adopting expensive technologies, not listening to your customers, missing opportunities, and failing against your competition all cost money. Once the money is spent on these bad decisions, the hole only gets deeper. With FP Complete we will help your startup avoid all of these pitfalls and clear the path of maximizing the return on your investment. It's your money so use it wisely.

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